3 Ways Your Custom Medical Product Kits Can Be Packaged

11 June 2019
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Regardless of what kind of medical treatment facility it is that you manage or operate, having medical product kits on site can drastically improve the efficiency of your treatment provided to patients. These kits bring together the medical supplies that are most often used together or in unison to perform certain medical treatments. Instead of fumbling to gather a list of supplies, the kits are there and ready for use in all kinds of different situations. Check out some of the different ways your custom medical product kits can be packaged. 

Medical product kits can be packaged in bulk packs. 

In some cases, you will need a bulk supply of a certain item in specific medical treatment scenarios because a small kit with singular supplies simply will not be enough. For instance, you may need a bulk kit of sterile gauze and suture supplies in emergency treatment departments.  Most medical product kitting services will work with you to custom design the bulk kits you need, no matter what supplies it is that you need in them or how many of those supplies you need the kit to include. 

Medical product kits can be packaged in thermoform trays. 

Thermoform trays kind of encapsulate the supplies included in the kit so they do not shift and move before they are ready to be used. For certain types of medical supplies, this can be really important. For instance, trays that include something like suture needles are often thermoformed so the needle stays in one place no matter how much it is moved. Likewise, thermoform structured packaging ensures the supplies in a kit are easy to find in an emergency situation. You won't be shuffling through multiple items to get to what it is in the kit you need first for treating a patient.

Medical product kits can be packaged in form-fill sealed packaging. 

If space is a concern in your medical facility, you may need the medical kits you use packaged in the most space-saving way, and form-fill sealed packaging fits this need well. Form-fill packaging is formed to the shape of the items inside of the package, so there is little package waste and the package stays close to the same size and shape of the item. For instance, rolls of gauze may be placed in form-fill packaged. The packages will be formed to the roll of gauze so you can stow away many rolls without it taking up a lot of space. 

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