The Pros And Cons Of Custom Corrugated Boxes

9 January 2017
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If you run an online business, odds are, you will need corrugated boxes. These are the standard boxes that are used to ship items from your shop or warehouse to your customer's home. However, when you are buying these boxes, you can use standard-sized white or brown boxes or custom order boxes. These custom boxes can come in your desired size and be printed with your company's name or logo on them. If you need to order boxes, taking the time to learn about the pros and cons of custom corrugated boxes will help you decide if you should customize them or simply use standard ones. Here are the pros and cons of custom printed corrugated boxes.

Cons of Custom Corrugated Boxes

Increased Price

One of the biggest disadvantages to custom corrugated boxes is their price. When you customize a box, instead of buying standard ones, you will pay more for it. If your business is operating on tight margins, and you want to keep shipping costs as low as possible, sticking to standard boxes may be the better option for you.

Privacy Concerns

The other downside to printed boxes is that there are privacy concerns. Sometimes customers order something personal that they would like to keep a secret from their neighbors or something for a gift for their spouse that they want to keep a surprise. If a box arrives with a company's name and logo plastered across it, that secret or surprise may be ruined.

Pros of Custom Corrugated Boxes

Brand Reinforcement

One of the upsides of using printed corrugated boxes is that you can reinforce your brand through the use of your boxes. When the customer sees the printed box, it helps to correlate the product they are buying with your brand. For example, when many people think of coffee, they may envision the Starbucks name and logo in their head, thanks to the brand reinforcement all around us. This makes it more likely that a customer will use your company again when they need to order the same product again.

Ability to Customize the Size

The other advantage to ordering custom corrugated boxes is that you have the opportunity to customize the size of the box. If you are shipping fragile items or items that can open, break or shift during transport, having a box that perfectly fits the item can help prevent it from breaking or becoming damaged during transport. This can minimizes the money your company may lose through products damaged during the shipping process and increase customer satisfaction.

Deciding whether or not to customize corrugated boxes is a decision that each business needs to make based on their business needs and budget. Taking the time to learn the pros and cons will help you make an informed and educated decision for your company.