The Power Of The Wrap . . . Stretch Wrap That Is

5 June 2015
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Most of us think of stretch wrap as the plastic sheet stuff used to cover leftovers that go in the fridge or the pasta salad that you are taking to the neighborhood picnic. Though sticky at times, it can cover many dishes tightly and keep them safe from bugs and from drying out. But you may not realize that most stretch wrap is used in packaging and shipping large quantities of a single item as well as items that need to be grouped together. Stretch wrap provides the following benefits. 

  • "Unitizes" packages. "Unitize" means covering many boxes on a pallet in stretch wrap, which is several feet wide to make them, in essence, one box. This prevents individual boxes from moving around, or even dropping off, when the pallet is moved by forklift.
  • Protects boxes from moisture and some wear and tear during their transport.
  • Keeps bugs and germs out of the packages.

‚ÄčAll of these uses make stretch wrap a powerful tool in today's industrial packaging and shipping. As more and more consumers turn to the Internet to find what they're looking for, manufacturers must find good ways to ship their products so that the product arrives in homes unharmed. Additionally, even when consumers purchase products in a store, if that product needs to be delivered, it must arrive in excellent "fresh from the store" condition. Stretch wrap helps in both of these situations.

For example, furniture manufacturers are finding that they can ship their goods directly to consumers without having to go through a store. But they know that the furniture will travel in hot trucks across country. Wrapping the furniture in stretch wrap, before it leaves the plant, can mean that the furniture is delivered without harm. And best yet, if the furniture includes loose pillows, the pillows can be tossed onto the furniture piece and the whole thing wrapped to ensure that all pieces of the furniture arrive together.

Another example of the power of the wrap is when a to-be-assembled item needs to be shipped. For example, an entire above-ground swimming pool can be sent across country on pallets. However, as such an item will include many parts of vastly differing shapes and sizes and weights, stretch wrapping everything together is the way to ensure that all pieces arrive.

Industrial machines, including turntables and several-feet-wide plastic wrap dispensers, are used to wrap pallets of goods or odd-shaped items like sofas with their pillows. These machines make stretch wrapping a powerful and indispensable tool in the packaging and shipping industry. For more information, contact a business such as SIAT S.p.A